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Activity levels

Dificultad nivel 10-50 Km
Dificultad nivel 250-80 Km
Dificultad nivel 380-115 Km
Dificultad nivel 4+115 Km

We have all sort of routes, carefully designed, to satisfy any rider needs or preferences.
To make the selection process easier we've created 4 route categories, depending on the distance covered every day. From touring routes to placidly enjoy landscape, to big challenges with long distances and high elevations intended to achieve the most demanding expectations.
The elevation of each route is, of course, chosen depending on its difficulty. You will find every day's itinerary and elevation gain in the route's webpage.
Remeber, for your peace of mind, that our support vehicle is always there for you in case you might need it (luggage, food, beverage, clean clothes, spare parts, keeping any occasional shopping or simply resting or going back to the hotel ahead of time). No matter your level or experience, we have the best itinerary for you.