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About our tours

1- Who travels with Utopic Bike Travel?
Some of our guests already know what a bike tour is. For some others this is the first time. The great variety of our routes attracts all kind of people. All ages, adventurers, families with children, singles, couples, corporate incentive programmes, expert cyclists... searching for new experiences.
2- How are Utopic Bike Travel's routes?
Most of our routes are linear. They begin at one point and end at another. This allows us to make the most of our time and to discover better the area we are covering. Circular routes are also available, based in one hotel for guests that are looking for a more relaxed trip.
3- What kind of support is offered throughout the route?
All our routes are guided. They include a minimum of one cycling guide and a support vehicle that takes care of any need that may appear (luggage, food, beverage, clean clothes, spare parts, keeping any occasional shopping or simply resting or going back to the hotel ahead of time) The cycling guide pedals along with you. This way we ensure the best service on and off de bike.
4- How big are our groups?
The average size of our groups is 12 people, but in most of our trips the minimum is 4 people.
5- Do our tours require cyclists to be in a special physical shape?
Not at all. You don't have to be an athlete or an experienced cyclist to enjoy a bike tour with Utopic Bike Travel. Our catalogue includes a big variety of activity levels. Check Activity Levels to see our categories. But always remember that, for your peace of mind, our support vehicle is at your disposal should you need it (either to rest and end your journey or to add miles to it).
6- How do I know the route's difficulty level?
All our routes include difficulty level information. (See Activity levels)
7- Do I have to carry my luggage throughout the route?
You just have to bring in our support vehicle a little bag with warm clothing or extra clothes in case you want to change and your personal effects for the activities of the day. Your luggage is transported by our guides to the next hotel. Don't worry about the food either. Unlike some other companies, Utopic Bike Travel offers you snacks, sandwiches, energy bars and drinks throughout the entire route.
8- I need a special diet. Are you taking it into account?
If you have any dietary preference, requirement or food intolerance (salt free, gluten free, diabetic diet), please inform us prior to the trip. We will make our best to satisfy your requisites.
9- Can children travel with Utopic Bike Travel?
Of course. Some of our routes are designed for those looking for family holidays. These family trips, in spite of containing too course adult oriented activities, are specially prepared for children, taking into account their needs (schedules, lodging, meals, itineraries and interesting visits and activities). And remembering always that our support vehicle is at your disposal whenever is needed. In case that you want a familiar tour without children, please consult us.
10- Why are there such a few family routes offered in our website?
There is just a little example of family routes in our web. We want your experience with Utopic Bike Travel to be unforgettable. That's why we design your holidays regarding your needs (children age, whether they use their own bike or seat in a chair with an adult?). You can fill our bespoke travel form and we will design a trip for you and your family.
11- What kind of information is provided by Utopic Bike Travel?
You will find plenty of information in our website that will help you choose your perfect tour. There is a fact sheet and a pdf file containing the most relevant information for every tour. Once the reservation is confirmed we will send you a mail with a detailed itinerary and information needed before travelling (including suggestions on where to lodge before and after the trip, what to bring with you and a lot more). At your arrival we will hand you over a road book with detailed day-to-day information, recommendations, maps and profiles.

Bicycles and equipment

12- What kind of clothes and equipment do I need in a bike tour?
Once your reservation is confirmed, a mail with all the necessary information will be sent to you, with a list of suggestions for your next trip.
13- Can I bring my own bicycle?
Of course. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and this is an important part of the trip. However, bear in mind that the setup and a possible maintenance (and spare parts) will run under your responsibility. We will help you with everything that is in our hands, but we may not be able to do it the way we would like. You can bring your own helmet too. In Utopic Bike Travel we encourage its use even though it is not compulsory in some countries.
14- Can I rent a bicycle? And a helmet?
Yes. We give you the option to rent a bicycle (paying a supplement) to avoid bringing yours along.



You can rent a helmet too. In Utopic Bike Travel we encourage its use even though it is not compulsory in some countries.
15- Can I rent a bicycle for children?
Yes. Depending on their age we offer different options like trailers, tow bars or different size bycicles.
16- How does Utopic Bike Travel know the size and type of bicycle needed by every guest?
Once you send us the reservation form we will contact you to determine the kind of bycicle you need (size, pedal configuration, etc). On the first day our guides will make the final adjustments in the bike for you to feel as comfortable as possible.

About reservation

17- How can I make a tour's reservation?
You can make the reservation just clicking on the "Book it" icon that you will find on the information page of every tour. Once the reservation's request form is sent, we will contact you to confirm and finalize the details of the tour.
18- Do I have to pay the total amount of the tour when making the reservation?
No. Just A deposit of 125€ per person in the "just One day" trips, 1000€ per person in the "Luxury" tours and 500€ per person in the rest is necessary. The total amount wil be charged 60 days prior to the start of the tour.
19- What's included in the price?
Nearly everything. Consult our section What's included on every tour's information page.
20- How long before the tour should I make my reservation?
We recommend making the reservation 90 days before the tour starts. This way we can assure availability of our lodging. We accept too last moment reservations (a week before the tour begins) as long as we have availability.
21- Can I lodge in an individual room if I travel alone?
Yes. It is possible to get an individual room by paying a supplement. Our prices are based in double occupancy (two persons sharing one room).
22- Can Utopic Bike Travel find another guest (same gender) to share room if we are both travelling by ourselves?
If you travel alone and want to share room you can contact us after making you reservation and ask for the option of sharing room with someone else. If some other person (of your same gender) is in your same situation, double occupancy will be available for both. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the individual room supplement (charged at the final tour payment). In case that a roommate might appear once the supplement is payed, it will be returned before the tour actually starts.
23- Is there a travel insurance included?
Yes. All Utopic Bike Travel tours include a basic travel insurance and an optional a more complete one can be purchased as well. You can finf all the information about our insurances in the Travel Insurance page.
24- What happens if I have to cancel my tour?
Please, look over our Cancellation policy for details.
25- Can I reserve additional nights or an extension (before or after of the requested tour) with Utopic Bike Travel?
Yes. All our routes can be completed adding an extension, before or after the tour. We usually recommend it to be after, since these additional days can be used to complete or widen a certain region's visit, or simply to relax. We can offer lodging so you don't have to worry about anything. Please contact us for more information or simply let us know at the moment you make your reservation's request.