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Our style of travel

Our Groups

We don't have very big groups. Our intention is to guarantee a personalized experience providing our guests at the same time with a big flexibility.

Discover the world pedalling

In UTOPIC BIKE TRAVEL we design, plan, and execute all our tours without intermediaries, avoiding unnecessary costs and directly monitoring the quality control of our routes. We choose what we think is best for us and, therefore, for you.

Different Level Routes

Since we practice touring by bycicle, a non competitive sports activity, anyone can participate in our tours. What matters for us is not how many miles covered, or the time spent. We care about how we do them, and that is what we are working for.

Bespoke travel

It's important to bear in mind that each traveller might have different preferences and, sometimes, organized tours do not cover them all. We are specialists in designing customized trips. We can modify any of our UTOPIC BIKE TRAVEL tours and adapt it to your preferences. Or we can plan and design something completely new as well. Explain us your ideas without compromise. There are a lot of possibilities to personalize a trip (depending on budget, duration, accomodation category, personal interests). We could just modify one of the days of the itinerary or create a whole new route for you. Let us arrange the tour that adapts perfectly to your taste, your budget or your way of traveling. Learn more...

Great bike Tours

Each one of our tours is thoroughly designed by our expert guides, which put at your disposal their deep knowledge of the landscape and the best roads available for you to live a unique experience.We have spent our lifes on our bikes, pedalling thousands of miles around our places. That's why no one knows better than us the itineraries we are offering. In UTOPIC BIKE TRAVEL we love cycling, but we enjoy other pleasures we find in our tours. Nature, traditions and customs of the places we visit, historical monuments, spots of cultural interest, country life... We always pick the most special and unknown roads and rural tracks, only used by local people, to get around from village to village.

One Route, several options

Our routes are thoroughly designed for our guests to enjoy them at their own pace without any hurry.Take your time to take some pictures, smell some flowers or have a good coffee.We've had in mind the most notable spots, the most interesting visits and, above all, the amount of miles to be made every day to ensure that none of our guests worries about loosing too much strength before the day ends. Nevertheless, we offer in most of our routes additional mileage in order to keep our  toughest clients satisfied, either pedalling to the nearby village to visit a 10th Century  chapel or climbing a mythic mountain pass.