Terms and conditions

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Reservation of any of our tours implies total acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which are implicitly integrated in the contract, not being necessary its transcription in the contract itself. Duration, itinerary, prices and supplements, minimum amount of people in a tour, and services included are indicated in this website. Additional information and possible changes will be notified in writing to the customer and, together with Terms and Conditions, will conform the final contract.
In case that interpretation, application or claims over these terms and Conditions were due, the client and the Organizer will be subject to the Courts of Girona or Olot, renouncing to any other.

Travel Agencies regulation
Legal Text that regulates Travel Agencies activities and, therefore, upon which these terms and Conditions are based, is "Reglament d'Agències de Viatges, decret 168/94 de 30 de Maig de 1994 de la Generalitat de Catalunya"

Technical organising of all the tours included in this website depends on Utopic Bike Travel, S.L. NIF B55188825, GC-003405, and located in Olot (17800), Carrer Bisbe Lorenzana, 18 1-3

Reservation will not be considered effective until is made a trip deposit of:
1- 125 euros per person for the "Just One day" trips
2- 1000 euros per person for the "Luxury" tours
3- 500 euros per person for the rest of tours

The balance will be due 60 days prior to departure (except for the "Just One Day" trips and other tours with special conditions). Otherwise reservation will be considered cancelled.

Modification of the trip by the Organizer
Any significant changes to essential elements of the trip made by the Organizer must be notified in writing as soon as possible to the client to give him the possibility to either cancel the trip reservation without penalty or accept the consequences of the new changes (including price). Should the client not communicate its decission, in writing, during the next three working days reservation will be considered cancelled.

Contractual Terms
Carrying out of the trip depends on a minimum amount of people registered (indicated on every trip). Should this minimum group not be formed, Organizer can cancel the trip without any compensation to the client as long as it is communicated at least 15 calendar days prior to its beginning. Compensation is not due either in case of act of God cancellation (unusual and unpredictable circumstances)

Cancellation of the trip by the client
If client cancels the trip after, at least, having paid the deposit, he must compensate the Organizer for the management and cancellation costs and a penalty fee consisting in:
- 5% of the trip's total amount when cancellation is more than 10 and less than 15 days before departure.
- 15% between 10 and 3 days before departure.
- 25% within the 48 hours before departure.
- 100% in case client does not appear on departure or is late.
Moreover, economic consequences of cancellation in case of special booking conditions (reduced price travel fees or specific economic demands from some suppliers) will have an effect on the client as long as data sheet and reservation deposit state that.

Reservation transfer
Client is allowed to transfer reservation to a third person as long as it communicates the Organizer 15 days prior to departure and flying and transportation allow client change. Assignee must meet the same requirements as assigner and both will be joint and severally liable for the payment of the trip amount and additional transfer expenses in front of the Organizer.

Prices have been calculated following price lists and exchange rates valid on february 2014. Any change in the above could carry price modifications up until 20 days before departure.
If price variation goes over 15% of the trip's total amount, the client can cancel it with the refund of all the previous payments (except for management and cancellation costs).
Prices specified include VAT when appliable. The trip's price does not include visas, taxes, vaccination certificates and, in general, any service not included in the What's included section.

Included services
Included services are specified in the "What's included" section found on every trip. In case that a modification is applied, valid included and not included services are the ones corresponding to the last modifed trip.

Optional visits and trips
Optional visits and trips not included in the "What's included" section are not part of the package trip contract. Prices and conditions of these trips can be set at destination.

All travellers, without exception, have to carry their documentation in order. Any problem caused by it runs under their responsibility. In addition obtention of passports, visas, vaccination certificates, etc run under client's responsibility.
In case that any authority refused visa obtention (because of some client's personal issues), or if entrance to a certain country is prohibited (because of lack of some requirement) the organizer declines any responsibility. The client will take charge of any extra expense caused by this reason.
Foreign clients must ensure they meet the visa requirements to enter, leave or move around the destination country.
Travelers under 18 must carry an authorization document signed by their parents in case they travel by themselves.

Trip changes
The CLIENT accepts specifically "in situ" changes made by the organizer when they are forced by weather, unexpected local suppliers conditions or because of infrastructure problems as long as all the services included in the package trip do not fail to be completed.
CLIENT accepts as well a lodging change, "in situ", if the new one's category equals or surpasses the initial lodging.
Organizer reserves the right, according to current legislation, to alter the order of the itinerary on any trip, planned lodging, transportation and other services included in this program, as well as timetable changes. Organizer can as well cancel a trip if it is caused by act of God reasons. Client has no right to any compensation. Only to claim amount already paid. Minimum quantity of travelers to consider a trip actually guaranteed is specified in every itinerary.

Organizer takes no responsibility on luggage damages or losses occured during travel or transportation. In case of airplane luggage loss, we refer to IATA terms and conditions. Claims can be made to the flying company by the client.

Organizer acts only as intermediary between travellers and people or organizations that suppply services included in itinerary (hotels, flying companies, sailing companies, etc.) Consequently, declines all responsibility on any defficiencies that may appear on theses services. In case of delay on any arrivals or departures due to strikes, weather, technical problems or other act of God reasons, Utopic Bike Travel,S.L. commit themselves to make everything within reach to help our clients. In any case, the client will be responsible for any the economic consequences derived from these situations. In case of an accident, the client will be subject to the country's local accidents legislation (where the vehicle is licensed)
Organizer understands that the client's physical condition is adequate to carry out the signed trip.

User/client has to inform immediately the organizer (with a maximum limit of 48 hours) of any incident occurred during the trip to solve it as soon as possible.
Further claims that might be made will have to be accompanied by their own receipts and invoices and adressed to the organizer within 30 days after return.

All our trips include travel insurance. An option of a cancellation insurance is offered too. Client implicitly accepts insurance inclusions and exclusions when contracting these insurances. Utopic Bike Travel, S.L. is unaware of the resolutions determined by the Insurance company about any incidents declared by travellers and eludes any liability on them.
Client exclusively is responsible for insurance claim applications. Utopic Bike Travel, S.L. has no responsibility on this process.

Personal data processing
Personal data of a natural person who, acting in its own behalf or representing a legal person, contracts any service with this agency will be added to a file which is under the responsibility of Utopic Bike Travel. This file meets the security requirements necessary to guarantee total data security. The purpose of this file is to manage the business relationship and inform about our services. According to current regulations the user can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal data under the terms and conditions set out in LOPD (Ley Orgánica de protección de datos - Organic Law of Personal Data Protection) contacting with:

C/ Bisbe Lorenzana, 18 1-3
17800 Olot - Girona
NIF B55188825

Our Agency is empowered to use the data during the term of the contract and for further information of our services.