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Travel documents

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. Documents and permits.

What kind of documentation is needed to travel to Spain?

Documentation to travel to Spain depends on the country of origin.

If you are citizen of UE, Switzerland, Norway, Island and Liechtenstein: you just need your passport or a valid ID.

If you come from some other country:
Citizens of some countries must be in possession of a valid and updated visa to enter Spain. You can check the list of countries that do need visa and the ones that don't in the links at the bottom of this page. Citizens of these countries can enter Spain if they have a residence permit or a long-stay visa issued by another UE country (except for United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus), Switzerland, Norway, Island or o Liechtenstein.

Citizens of the rest of the countries will have to present documents that can justify the object and requirements of their stay and have enough funds to sustain themselves during the time spent in Spain. Documents to be presented may change depending on the reasons of the trip. You can consult them in the web of Ministry of Foreign Affers and Cooperation

It is recommendable to contract a travel insurance.
Since these conditions may change, we suggest that you contact Spain's Consulate or Embassy in your country to verify all requirements before starting your trip.

List of countries that don't need visa to enter EU (and Spain): HERE

List of countries that need visa to enter EU (and Spain): HERE