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Who we are

Our Team

Our team

UTOPIC BIKE TRAVEL's team is formed by a group of young nature and cycling lovers which have decided that their passion would become their way of life. We organize our tours with devotion, aiming at active people that are looking for a different way of traveling. We want to share our experiences with our customers, including our favourite restaurants and bars, the secluded backroads on which we train, the majestic mountain passes we love to climb... because our main goal is to make you feel at home.
Exclusive Routes

Exclusive routes

We design and organize our own routes, creating exclusive tours and itineraries that are born from our self experience. In UTOPIC BIKE TRAVEL every guest is unique and, for us, every tour has to be unrepeatable.
Our guides

Our guides

Each one of our tours is thoroughly designed by our expert guides, which put at your disposal their deep knowledge of the landscape and the best roads available for you to live a unique experience. We have spent our lifes on our bikes, pedalling thousands of miles around our places. That's why no one knows better than us the itineraries we are offering.